What I Wore: A Wedding At The Old Forest School, Pongakawa

Old Forest School Wedding Venue
At the Old Forest School in Pongakawa, Bay Of Plenty, aka my new favourite wedding venue!

Along with my inability to whistle, ride a bicycle (I know. Tragic, huh?!), and NOT drench myself in water every time I wash a spoon (when will I learn?! TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN!), I thought I’d missed out on receiving the bride gene. It’s odd, because I’ve always enjoyed attending other people’s weddings, but the thought of organising my own – or even imagining my own – was just about enough to send me into a corner hyperventilating with a brown paper bag. Continue reading “What I Wore: A Wedding At The Old Forest School, Pongakawa”

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One Year Ago Today… (Or, My Engagement Story!)

Brooklyn Bridge New York
At the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, New York. H-i!

It sounds a bit crazy (why do our conversations always seem to start out this way?!), but Casey and I purchased my engagement ring a good six months or so before he actually proposed to me. We hadn’t planned on it (oh look, there’s another recurring theme from our talks: “well, we hadn’t planned on it…!”), but when we viewed it in a jewellery store in Auckland one weekend, we knew it was the one. And then one of their staff members – a tiny woman named Ophelia – uttered the deciding words. Continue reading “One Year Ago Today… (Or, My Engagement Story!)”


Have You Ever Wondered What It’s Like To Try… Aqua Zumba?!

Whakatane Aqua Zumba
Who’s that fool in the water?! Oh, it’s ME!

It might seem terribly negative (it’s not meant to be!), but one of the greatest pieces of advice I’ve ever received has been “don’t have any expectations”. It came via a Contiki tour manager, of all places, as our bus pulled into Amsterdam one afternoon. Continue reading “Have You Ever Wondered What It’s Like To Try… Aqua Zumba?!”


How Much Is… TOO Much To Share?

howmuchistoomuch“I didn’t like your last post,” Casey admitted to me last night. I’m paraphrasing (have you met Casey? He’s WAY too polite to be so abrupt!), but the general gist of our conversation was “you’re not writing as personally as you used to”, “you know your first post? That felt and sounded like an actual conversation with you”, and “there’s a certain vulnerability and humanness that’s missing from your ‘17 Things I Did In 2017‘ piece; I feel like you’re censoring yourself.”

And he’s right. I am being more guarded about what I say online. Because where I used to open up freely and treat my blog like a coffee catch-up with a best friend, I now regularly pause and contemplate: how much is… TOO much to share? Continue reading “How Much Is… TOO Much To Share?”


17 Things I Did In 2017

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Spending New Year’s Day in Singapore was a definite highlight of 2017!

It’s the 1st of December tomorrow (I know… WHOA. Doesn’t it feel like it was only Easter yesterday?!), and so before the 1st becomes the 25th, and the 25th quickly becomes the 31st, I thought I’d reflect back on the year that’s been 2017, and remember some (17, specifically!) of the most memorable moments from it.

In 2017, I… Continue reading “17 Things I Did In 2017”

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What I Wore: My ‘Rose Cage’ Maxi-Dress For Dinner At The Wagon

Between the working, studying, family-raising, appointment-keeping and endless stream of household duties that need completing (laundry; yawn. Weeding; GROAN), adulthood, at times, can really start to feel like a place where spontaneity goes to die. Add two children to the mix (where the responsibilities seemingly triple), and Casey and I have discovered that we have to make the conscious decision, every day, to say “alright, enough of this monotony. Let’s do something fun!”… or it doesn’t happen. Sometimes that “fun” is as simple as watching a movie together, and other times it’s exploring a different part of the country (road trip!). Last night we decided it would be trying a new restaurant, The Wagon, and strolling along Ohope Beach.

Continue reading “What I Wore: My ‘Rose Cage’ Maxi-Dress For Dinner At The Wagon”


3 Things I’m Currently Trying To Inch Closer Towards My Financial Goals (Because I Don’t Like The Words “You CAN’T…”)

moneyCall me “stubborn”, call me “wildly delusional”, but for one reason or another, every single time I hear the words “you can’t…”, my brain thinks “oh yeah? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!” Of course, this doesn’t always mean that things work in my favour – I’m yet to summon a winning Lotto ticket, for starters – but I do generally find that I’m ticking off more items on my to-do list than not.

I know, I’m deranged, but I see the words “sorry, your application was unsuccessful” and hear “sorry, your application was unsuccessful today... but take a moment to consider what you can do better tomorrow, and do it.” I interpret “no” – at least from a bank or mortgage broker – as “not right now”, and immediately, blindly start devising ways to bridge the gap from no to yes. Continue reading “3 Things I’m Currently Trying To Inch Closer Towards My Financial Goals (Because I Don’t Like The Words “You CAN’T…”)”