White Sand, Swinging Palm Trees & Turquoise Waters: Rarotonga Is A Tropical Paradise


When you think about it, my hands were practically tied: we’d managed to accumulate $1200 in Airpoints dollars, the Easter break was looming, Air New Zealand were advertising $159 airfares to a range of different locations… it’d have been foolish NOT to book a spur-of-the-moment holiday, right?! Well, I thought so too (ha!), and even my incredibly conservative, let-me-think-absolutely-EVERYTHING-through-first partner responsed to the idea with “let’s do it!” Continue reading “White Sand, Swinging Palm Trees & Turquoise Waters: Rarotonga Is A Tropical Paradise”

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One Year Ago Today… (Or, My Engagement Story!)

Brooklyn Bridge New York
At the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, New York. H-i!

It sounds a bit crazy (why do our conversations always seem to start out this way?!), but Casey and I purchased my engagement ring a good six months or so before he actually proposed to me. We hadn’t planned on it (oh look, there’s another recurring theme from our talks: “well, we hadn’t planned on it…!”), but when we viewed it in a jewellery store in Auckland one weekend, we knew it was the one. And then one of their staff members – a tiny woman named Ophelia – uttered the deciding words. Continue reading “One Year Ago Today… (Or, My Engagement Story!)”