What I Wore: A Day At Ohiwa Beach (And My Summer Bucket List!)

What I Wore: A Day At Ohiwa Beach, City Chic Mod Midi Skirt

With only 32 days of my maternity leave remaining (!), and 10 days until Casey heads back into the office (!!!), we’ve been asking ourselves every day “what’s the best way that we can spend our time?” It was for this reason that we piled ourselves – and a bunch of snacks, because what’s a road trip without snacks?! – into the car yesterday, and made our way to Ohiwa Beach!
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5 Life Lessons I Learned From Watching ‘Girl Boss’

5 Life Lessons I Learned From Watching Girl Boss
A blunt fringe and an awesome pair of sunglasses are always an excellent idea.

Oh my goodness, have you seen Girl Boss?! If you haven’t, it’s okay; I’ll wait. (Seriously, GO. I promise you won’t regret watching it!) If you have, YES! Can we start an Annie – or, as I refer to her, “the world’s cutest BFF” – Appreciation Club?! And let’s talk about how phenomenally talented – and underrated – Britt Robertson is, shall we? Actually, the entire cast were flawless, weren’t they?!

I switched Girl Boss on one evening when I was tired, grumpy (ah, the joys of pregnancy!), and looking for something “light and fluffy”. What I found was a television show that’s whip-smart, sassier than Sophia’s – the main protagonist – haircut, and hilarious. It’s also laden with some pretty bang-on life lessons, too, such as… Continue reading “5 Life Lessons I Learned From Watching ‘Girl Boss’”


What I Wore: A Wedding At The Old Forest School, Pongakawa

Old Forest School Wedding Venue
At the Old Forest School in Pongakawa, Bay Of Plenty, aka my new favourite wedding venue!

Along with my inability to whistle, ride a bicycle (I know. Tragic, huh?!), and NOT drench myself in water every time I wash a spoon (when will I learn?! TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN!), I thought I’d missed out on receiving the bride gene. It’s odd, because I’ve always enjoyed attending other people’s weddings, but the thought of organising my own – or even imagining my own – was just about enough to send me into a corner hyperventilating with a brown paper bag. Continue reading “What I Wore: A Wedding At The Old Forest School, Pongakawa”

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What I Wore: My ‘Rose Cage’ Maxi-Dress For Dinner At The Wagon

Between the working, studying, family-raising, appointment-keeping and endless stream of household duties that need completing (laundry; yawn. Weeding; GROAN), adulthood, at times, can really start to feel like a place where spontaneity goes to die. Add two children to the mix (where the responsibilities seemingly triple), and Casey and I have discovered that we have to make the conscious decision, every day, to say “alright, enough of this monotony. Let’s do something fun!”… or it doesn’t happen. Sometimes that “fun” is as simple as watching a movie together, and other times it’s exploring a different part of the country (road trip!). Last night we decided it would be trying a new restaurant, The Wagon, and strolling along Ohope Beach.

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