Planning A Wedding: Not Quite A Frolic Through Fun Town


But then I knew that it wasn’t going to be, didn’t I? Of course I did! That’s one of the numero uno reasons why I never WANTED a wedding. I don’t like stress, I don’t believe in doing things “for the sake of doing them”, and if I can actively avoid making myself feel uncomfortable, then I usually will. But then my perspective changed (“no! Your “big day” doesn’t have to be boring, complicated and serious, in fact, it could actually be one of the best days of your LIFE!”), and here I am, suddenly less than 11 months away from having my own ceremony. But I’m starting to feel slightly unhinged. Continue reading “Planning A Wedding: Not Quite A Frolic Through Fun Town”


Taking Stock: January 2018

Jeez, it’s been a while (or at least, it feels like forever!) since we’ve spoken, hasn’t it?! Pull up a chair and tell me about your January, and I’ll fill you in on mine through an edition of ‘Taking Stock‘!

Making: WEDDING PLANS (dun, dun, dun, dun!) left, right and centre! Can you believe it?! Some fool wants to marry me! We’ve set a date! And I’m organising things without hyperventilating! It’s helping, I’ve found, to think of the day as a party with my favourite people, rather than a big, dramatic affair where you’re the focal point of attention (aka, my worst nightmare). Continue reading “Taking Stock: January 2018”


Merry Christmas!

Apparently, this enormous green box at the front is mine. What on earth could it be?! 

It’s Christmas Eve!

And while I know that Christmas can be a strange, stressful period for many, I hope that your day tomorrow, however you choose to spend it – celebrating or not, with family or without – is relaxing and peaceful, and that you eat and drink something DELICIOUS.

It’s been a really long time since my own, immediate family have celebrated Christmas (my parents have been separated for 9 years, and until recently, my mother co-owned a restaurant in Sydney where, believe it or not, December 25 was one of their busiest trading days… so she’s worked almost every Christmas for the past decade!), so for a while, Christmas has very much been “just another day” for me. Christmas has always been a h-u-g-e deal in Casey’s family, though, and his parents’ enthusiasm has totally rubbed off on him. He insists that we listen – and singalong to – Christmas carols. He decorates both the inside AND outside of our house. He wears Christmas-themed socks for most of December, he writes Christmas cards, and he’s even chirpier – “because it’s nearly Christmas, babe!” – than he usually is. It’s lovely, and it’s reignited my old excitement for an event that had lost a lot of its magic (for me)Continue reading “Merry Christmas!”

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5 Life Lessons I Learned From Watching ‘Girl Boss’

5 Life Lessons I Learned From Watching Girl Boss
A blunt fringe and an awesome pair of sunglasses are always an excellent idea.

Oh my goodness, have you seen Girl Boss?! If you haven’t, it’s okay; I’ll wait. (Seriously, GO. I promise you won’t regret watching it!) If you have, YES! Can we start an Annie – or, as I refer to her, “the world’s cutest BFF” – Appreciation Club?! And let’s talk about how phenomenally talented – and underrated – Britt Robertson is, shall we? Actually, the entire cast were flawless, weren’t they?!

I switched Girl Boss on one evening when I was tired, grumpy (ah, the joys of pregnancy!), and looking for something “light and fluffy”. What I found was a television show that’s whip-smart, sassier than Sophia’s – the main protagonist – haircut, and hilarious. It’s also laden with some pretty bang-on life lessons, too, such as… Continue reading “5 Life Lessons I Learned From Watching ‘Girl Boss’”

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One Year Ago Today… (Or, My Engagement Story!)

Brooklyn Bridge New York
At the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, New York. H-i!

It sounds a bit crazy (why do our conversations always seem to start out this way?!), but Casey and I purchased my engagement ring a good six months or so before he actually proposed to me. We hadn’t planned on it (oh look, there’s another recurring theme from our talks: “well, we hadn’t planned on it…!”), but when we viewed it in a jewellery store in Auckland one weekend, we knew it was the one. And then one of their staff members – a tiny woman named Ophelia – uttered the deciding words. Continue reading “One Year Ago Today… (Or, My Engagement Story!)”


Have You Ever Wondered What It’s Like To Try… Aqua Zumba?!

Whakatane Aqua Zumba
Who’s that fool in the water?! Oh, it’s ME!

It might seem terribly negative (it’s not meant to be!), but one of the greatest pieces of advice I’ve ever received has been “don’t have any expectations”. It came via a Contiki tour manager, of all places, as our bus pulled into Amsterdam one afternoon. Continue reading “Have You Ever Wondered What It’s Like To Try… Aqua Zumba?!”


How Much Is… TOO Much To Share?

howmuchistoomuch“I didn’t like your last post,” Casey admitted to me last night. I’m paraphrasing (have you met Casey? He’s WAY too polite to be so abrupt!), but the general gist of our conversation was “you’re not writing as personally as you used to”, “you know your first post? That felt and sounded like an actual conversation with you”, and “there’s a certain vulnerability and humanness that’s missing from your ‘17 Things I Did In 2017‘ piece; I feel like you’re censoring yourself.”

And he’s right. I am being more guarded about what I say online. Because where I used to open up freely and treat my blog like a coffee catch-up with a best friend, I now regularly pause and contemplate: how much is… TOO much to share? Continue reading “How Much Is… TOO Much To Share?”