So you’d like to know a little more about the person penning this nonsense, eh?! Okay… here goes…!

My partner Casey and I, and our two lovely (LOUD) gremlins, Charlie (right) and Brady (left). I’m the twit in the antlers at the back!

I never thought I’d be a mother, or a “fiancée” (but… they happened!), and the fact that I’m both of these things blows my mind every single day.

I’ve been blogging since 2007, when I was employed as the Office/Editorial Co-ordinator for Healthy Food Guide magazine in Sydney, Australia, and studying towards a Diploma in Media and Communications. I started because I was OBSESSED with writing (I was that nerd who, growing up, would make “books” from “stories” I’d created, printed and stapled together from Microsoft Word!), and thought posting online could be a fun way to practice my hobby. It has been. My first website was called – let’s cringe together – ‘Miss Corrine’ (my then-boyfriend picked it, okay?!), before I changed the name in 2008 to ‘Frock And Roll’, after two of my (then) greatest interests: fashion (“frock”), and music (“rock and roll”). Frock And Roll did surprisingly – insanely?! I still can’t believe that ANYONE would want to read my garbage, haha! – well. In 2013, Kidspot nominated it as one of ‘Australia’s Best Blogs‘, and at its peak, it was receiving over 1300 visits per day. C-r-a-z-y.

I can’t whistle, ride a bicycle (tragic, huh?), or understand a WORD Kurt Cobain is singing in the chorus of Smells Like Teen Spirit, even after 15 years of thrashing it.

I love travelling (I know… don’t most people?!), and have traipsed through Belgium, the Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Nepal, Singapore, Scotland, Switzerland, and the United States. My next holiday will be to Rarotonga, in the Cook Islands. I can’t wait!

I would still work, even if I won Lotto.

My 2003 History teacher once told our class “would you like to know the secret to life? It’s to be HAPPY. That’s it. Be happy.” While I knew that what he was saying was important at the time, I didn’t really understand it – or realise how right he was! – until recently. It’s so enormously cliched, but our lives really are short, so I try to experience as much as possible, say “YES” as often as I can, and find, do and BE things that make me happy. (And then I document it all here, so that 87 year-old Corrine can remember everything that’s happened!)

“You Seem Alright. Let’s Be Friends.”

It’s nice to meet you. LET’S!