They’re Cute! They’re Fun! They Don’t Cost The Moon And The Sun! My Review Of Essence Cosmetics

Essence Cosmetics Review

If you’ve ever found yourself searching for make-up that’s cute (check out that packaging!), easy to apply, and fun,
I’ve found a superb brand that I can recommend to you, and it DOESN’T cost the moon and the sun!

There’s eyeliners, eyeshadows, foundations and powders galore,
And their products are reasonably long-lasting; I’ve been wearing my lip gloss for the past three hours, maybe even four…

It’s hard to believe I paid a paltry $23.45 for the items that are pictured, and no, I didn’t use magic…
But anyway, enough rhyming. My poetic attempts are tragic!

Essence cosmetics swatch
The ‘Matt, Matt, Matt’ lip gloss in ‘Girl Of Today’ (top), and ‘Metal Shock Eyeshadow’ in ‘Stars & Stories’ (bottom)

‘Matt, Matt, Matt’ Lip Gloss, $5.20

The ‘Matt, Matt, Matt’ lip gloss smells like a combination of caramel and toffee (NOT the only reason I enjoyed using it, I promise! Haha), has a beautiful, creamy texture, and is thick without being cake-y. It also managed to stay put for a surprising length of time, which is impressive given that I completely forgot I was wearing it, and had several swigs of Pepsi Max with it on. And that’s another bonus: the fact that I did forget that I’d applied it. You know how some lip products can leave you feeling as though you’ve just whacked PVA glue on your pout? Not this one!


‘Metal Shock’ Eyeshadow, $7.90

“You’ll probably only wear that once, maybe TWICE if you’re lucky, put it down”, the sensible part of my brain hissed as I picked up the ‘Metal Shock’ eyeshadow, but as usual, I ignored it (you’d think it’d be tired of trying to reason with me after 30 years, wouldn’t you?!), and slipped the item into my shopping basket. It was gorgeous, and the shade I chose – ‘Stars & Stories’ – was the most delightful hue, a sort of blush-coloured, iridescent bronze number, filled with sparkly specks of silver. I had to have it. It takes a few coats to REALLY pop, but this isn’t a weakness: the fact that you can make it look as dramatic or as neutral as you’d like means there’s zero reason why you couldn’t wear it in, say, a professional environment (hello, work!), or during the day.

Essence mascara review, Essence mascara, Essence cosmetics
I know: put the mask away Corrine, Halloween is OVER! Excuse my (mostly) bare face, but I wanted to show you how my natural lashes compared to my Essence mascara-ified lashes!

‘Volume Stylist’ Mascara, $6.75

I didn’t love the ‘Volume Stylist’ mascara; it made my eyelashes feel a little clumpy, and I thought it lacked – at least, upon first glance in the mirror – the BIG impact that I like my mascaras to have. But there is a definite difference between my natural lashes (on the left) and ‘Volume Stylist’ lashes (on the right) in the photograph above, so I may have judged it too harshly!

‘The Gel’ Nail Polish, $3.60

I painted two haphazard, hurried coats of ‘The Gel’ nail polish in ‘Do You Speak Love?’ – a rich, ruby colour – on my fingernails on Christmas Eve, and while there are a few chips in it now (almost four days later), they’re barely noticeable. Also, considering that I did NOTHING to preserve its longevity (no top coats were used, and I’ve washed numerous loads of dishes since then, and ripped open presents!), how could I possibly complain? I’ve had less pleasing results from varnishes which have been three times as expensive!

Beauty-wise, few things are as disappointing as forking out a decent amount of change for a product that doesn’t quite suit or work for you, so it’s exciting to have a cost-effective, good-quality range like Essence which makes experimenting easy (it’s far less devastating to discover that blue lipstick isn’t quite your cup of tea if you’ve only paid $7 or so for it!).

Have you tried Essence cosmetics?

(All prices are in New Zealand dollars, and each item was purchased from Farmers.)

2 thoughts on “They’re Cute! They’re Fun! They Don’t Cost The Moon And The Sun! My Review Of Essence Cosmetics”

  1. I love Essence. We have it in Germany and I use their products. My favourite mascara is their False Eyelashes one and I looove their Make Me Brow gel, it is just incredible. I’m also in love with their nail products, I can’t resist them at all.


  2. I adore Essence! Some of my favourite beauty products are from them. So cheap and generally so reliable. They really stay on top of the beauty trends too.


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