Merry Christmas!

Apparently, this enormous green box at the front is mine. What on earth could it be?! 

It’s Christmas Eve!

And while I know that Christmas can be a strange, stressful period for many, I hope that your day tomorrow, however you choose to spend it – celebrating or not, with family or without – is relaxing and peaceful, and that you eat and drink something DELICIOUS.

It’s been a really long time since my own, immediate family have celebrated Christmas (my parents have been separated for 9 years, and until recently, my mother co-owned a restaurant in Sydney where, believe it or not, December 25 was one of their busiest trading days… so she’s worked almost every Christmas for the past decade!), so for a while, Christmas has very much been “just another day” for me. Christmas has always been a h-u-g-e deal in Casey’s family, though, and his parents’ enthusiasm has totally rubbed off on him. He insists that we listen – and singalong to – Christmas carols. He decorates both the inside AND outside of our house. He wears Christmas-themed socks for most of December, he writes Christmas cards, and he’s even chirpier – “because it’s nearly Christmas, babe!” – than he usually is. It’s lovely, and it’s reignited my old excitement for an event that had lost a lot of its magic (for me)

I’ve even picked out a pair of Christmas earrings to wear, and am painting my nails a festive red colour as we speak type! (I may have willingly played Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You earlier, too, but let’s keep that between ourselves!)


Merry Christmas. 

Take care of yourself, and I hope that tomorrow is extremely merry for you (conventionally so or not)!

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