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What I Wore: My ‘Rose Cage’ Maxi-Dress For Dinner At The Wagon

Between the working, studying, family-raising, appointment-keeping and endless stream of household duties that need completing (laundry; yawn. Weeding; GROAN), adulthood, at times, can really start to feel like a place where spontaneity goes to die. Add two children to the mix (where the responsibilities seemingly triple), and Casey and I have discovered that we have to make the conscious decision, every day, to say “alright, enough of this monotony. Let’s do something fun!”… or it doesn’t happen. Sometimes that “fun” is as simple as watching a movie together, and other times it’s exploring a different part of the country (road trip!). Last night we decided it would be trying a new restaurant, The Wagon, and strolling along Ohope Beach.

City Chic Rose Cage Maxi Dress

I wore my new City Chic ‘Rose Cage’ maxi-dress and ‘Suzie’ sandals, and realised that I truly DID put on 30 kilos during my pregnancy with Brady! I mean, I knew that I had, but knowing it and seeing it are two different things. In the above photograph, I can 110% see it. Oh, well… I’ll get there!


The burgers at The Wagon were enormous and delicious. I chose the ‘Tofu For You’, their vegetarian concoction with fried tofu and haloumi cheese, and it was pretty perfect!

The Wagon Whakatane Menu

The menu at The Wagon.

I remember someone saying “well, there goes any chance of travelling again,” when I first told them I was pregnant with Charlie, while another laughed “good luck going out and doing anything for the next 18 years!”, but seriously, you’re never going to have too many kids, or be “too old” – or whatever other nonsensical reason people come up with to try and tell you why you can’t do something! – to find a way to enjoy your life. It just might take some extra planning, and a couple of adjustments (like bringing your gremlins along) to make it work!


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