3 Things I’m Currently Trying To Inch Closer Towards My Financial Goals (Because I Don’t Like The Words “You CAN’T…”)

moneyCall me “stubborn”, call me “wildly delusional”, but for one reason or another, every single time I hear the words “you can’t…”, my brain thinks “oh yeah? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!” Of course, this doesn’t always mean that things work in my favour – I’m yet to summon a winning Lotto ticket, for starters – but I do generally find that I’m ticking off more items on my to-do list than not.

I know, I’m deranged, but I see the words “sorry, your application was unsuccessful” and hear “sorry, your application was unsuccessful today... but take a moment to consider what you can do better tomorrow, and do it.” I interpret “no” – at least from a bank or mortgage broker – as “not right now”, and immediately, blindly start devising ways to bridge the gap from no to yes.

You’d think Casey would be WELL and truly accustomed to my nonsense by now, but when I told him my financial goals for 2018 over the weekend, he laughed and said “that’s nice, babe… but realistically, they’re not going to happen.” Pft. “Realistically”. What’s reality, anyway?! (And why do we need to conform to it?!) I’m determined to accomplish my dreams, and here’s three small, but relatively useful activities I’m experimenting with to help me along my way…

Completing Online Surveys

They’re not lucrative – a questionnaire which takes ten minutes to complete may only net you $3.00 – but if you’ve got an hour or two each day to dedicate to online survey sites such as Smile CityValued Opinions and Opinion World, you can be reimbursed with everything from gift cards to Paypal dollars. I spent half an hour answering questions yesterday while Brady napped, and then ten minutes again this morning, and managed to accumulate a $10 Subway voucher. Sure, a $10 Subway voucher is by no means going to make me a millionaire (if only!), but it does mean that I can put the coins I would have otherwise spent buying lunch/dinner/ingredients into my savings account, instead.

Writing Yellow Pages Reviews

In an average week, I usually visit a supermarket every few days, pop into a number of shops, and order takeaways at least once. Exciting? No. But here’s what kind of is: if I then review those businesses on Yellow Pages, I can earn 3 Fly Buys points per review; points which can then be converted into children’s toys, books, jewellery, and heck, even an iPhone. These are all items I would ordinarily purchase with my own money, so not having to enables me to put it towards other things. (In the past six months I’ve amassed enough points for a wool blanket for Charlie, two OPI nail polishes, three New World gift cards, and a bottle of wine. Not a terrible trade!)

Paying As Often As I Can With My Credit Card

I’m definitely not advocating credit cards – there’s no way I could have used one responsibly say, even six years ago, and they’re not for everyone – but when paid off in full each month, they can have their benefits. I accrue Airpoints by paying as often as I can with my Airpoints Visa Platinum card – for the grocery shop, petrol, Council rates, our monthly phone, electricity and internet bills, meals out, clothing – and then I transfer the bulk of my fortnightly pay straight onto it to cover it. I figure that I’m already spending the money regardless (whether I used cash, an Eftpos card or a credit card, I’d still have these boring expenditures to pay!), so I may as well use a product which rewards me for doing so. And although there’s an $150 annual fee for having the Airpoints Visa Platinum card, it’s possible to have this waived (mine has been – twice!), and in the last year alone I’ve exchanged my Airpoints for an $170 wok, a pair of Havaianas, and return flights for the four of us to Rarotonga.

Woefully optimistic or not, I’ll NEVER accept “it can’t be done”. And while completing online surveys, penning Yellow Pages reviews and paying as often as I can with my credit card isn’t exactly going to renovate by bathroom, or eliminate my student loan, they’re tiny examples of what I’ve come up with in response to wondering “but how can I achieve these things?”

What are some of your biggest goals for 2018? (Or beyond?) And what steps – no matter how absurd or minuscule –  could you take to inch closer towards them?

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